How I work

My experience is in both building technology and running businesses. This gives me knowledge of both sides of an often tricky barrier and allows me to help business teams learn how to make the best use of technology while helping development teams understand the forces that drive businesses.

My clients are companies building or buying one or more pieces of software to be an essential part of their business. They are looking for support in building or buying this software and learning how to use it to its full potential.

They either have an in-house or external development team or are considering building one. Often they are looking to support their team and grow the capability over time.

Occasionally, I work with a technology team trying to develop an idea into a business that needs help with business concepts.

In most cases, I work with my clients in one of three models. However, I'm always keen to chat about other ways of working together.

In most cases, I work with my clients in one of three models. However, I'm always keen to chat about other ways of working together.


If the client and the project are right, I take on the ownership of a project. Such as developing and executing a complete technical strategy, growing an in-house team, or anything we agree I can help with.

By the end of the engagement, your company has a new direction of travel, and a more comfortable relationship with the use of technology, both on a day-to-day basis and in how it might impact you in the future.

These projects typically last six months or longer, for multiple days each week. I work closely with several people in your organisation and engage closely with the company's leadership to bring a technical view to their plans and thinking.


In this role, I work directly with a few individuals within the client, helping them plan, adapt to technology, and design systems and processes for building teams and software.

Often I find myself working with a developer who has been promoted to team lead or principal and is looking for support growing into their new role. This is often the work I find most enjoyable, partly because it feels like the times I'm providing the most value.

These engagements typically consist of a few days per month. I give a lot of advice and guidance, but the people I'm working with own the work and the delivery. This works exceptionally well when working with individuals who are in the process of levelling up and stepping beyond their current comfort zone and need support.


As an advisor, I am on call to help explore how things are going. I keep reasonably remote and at arm's length, but I am available to answer any questions.

I typically speak with the client every other week for a few hours to explore how things are going, suggest changes they can try, and sometimes brainstorm ideas for new projects that they can initiate to move the business forward.

Having me on-call is a great way to get ad-hoc support and quick answers to questions while remaining in charge of your process and progress. As well as being cost-effective, this way of working fits well with clients with limited time available and looking to make slow changes over a more extended period.