Technology doesn't need to be stressful

laurie young

Contract Chief Technical Officer

I’m a CTO and technical leader. I help companies blend their business and technical capabilities

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Business meets technology

Running a business is tough. It's even harder when two different areas of expertise need to be merged. Yet this is exactly what's needed in many technology-reliant businesses.

You've spent a long time learning how to run a business. How to find customers, manage relationships, perform operationally and more. Now you discover you need to know technology as well!

The technology experts you've worked with are great, but they don't always understand what's needed to keep a business running.

You want the feeling of knowing you understand what's happening in your business.

And you want your team to know what it takes to keep the business on track.

Then you can move forward with confidence.

Learning together

Technology, like business, is about constantly learning what's next.

I work with companies that want a close, high-performance high-trust relationship between their engineering team and the rest of the business.

Businesses that want to feel that everyone is pulling in the best direction while setting themselves up for long-term success. Companies that want to build trust and understanding.

I've spent the last decade (more now!) learning how business work while leading, growing and developing tech teams and products.

Discover the future

Adding or expanding technology in your business is a new journey. It means learning more about the tech world and leaning in.

I can help

Together we will build trust and understanding between your company's business and technology teams.

You will learn how to include technology considerations in your business decision-making.

Your technology team will grow to be an essential part of your company's long-term success.